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I4 Design, LLC is a graphic design and web design company in Lexington, South Carolina. I4 Design was started by two-time Iraq veteran Patrick Stewart in 2007 after he exited service in the US Army. I4 Design serves clients in Lexington, SC, Columbia, SC, all around SC as well as several clients in other states.

About the Lead Designer


Patrick-BW-250Patrick Stewart is an artist; not just a graphic artist but also a classical artist. Patrick has been drawing logos since he was a child! As a child, Patrick was found to be a gifted artist. In the 5th grade, He was enrolled in a program for gifted arts students called the Tri-District Arts Consortium held at Columbia College. This program was a 5 year mentoring program with intense study in various visual arts disciplines as well as exposure to all arts such as drama and music. One of Patrick’s instructors, Marion Mason, was also the Art teacher at Lexington High School where Patrick attended, so he had the same art mentor for 9 years! Patrick’s love for art continued through High School where he was president of the Art Council and Art editor of the School paper, and recipient of various awards for Art.

Patrick is a graduate of Lexington Technology Center’s Graphic Design Program where he won multiple design awards. Patrick won 1st place the regional and SC state graphic design competition in 1992 and1993 and a Sliver metal in the National Vocational Skills competition for graphic design in 1994. Patrick was also editor in chief of the technology center newspaper from 1992-1994.

Patrick Attended Central Piedmont for graphic design from 1995-1997. Patrick continued to work at various design jobs such as newspapers and sign companies, did freelance art and mural work for several years before joining the Army after 9/11. Patrick served in the US Amy and was deployed to Iraq for 2 ½ years in two tours, the last tour with the 101st Airborne, 1st Brigade Combat Team. While in the army, Patrick did dozens of murals for the Army and his units including tank graphics, signs and logos.

Upon exiting Army service in 2007, Patrick decided it was time to go back to what he loved, Art and Design.   Patrick started a sign, graphic design, and web design business called Creative Designs in 2007, but later combined his business with his wife’s interior design business and changed the name to i4 Design, LLC. Today, i4 Design, LLC offers superior graphic design services such as identity, print, and package design as well as cutting edge web design services and IT services.

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